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Business Liquidations

Going Out of Business? We specialize in fast and fair liquidations. We pay cash for your inventory, electronics, fixtures, equipment and other assets. Contact us for an on-site estimate.

Foreclosure Situations

Going Through a Foreclosure? Why not get some much needed cash out of the house before leaving? Once you get to the point in the foreclosure process where the bank cannot accept partial payments--the Notice to Accelerate--you have no other recourse but to make full payment or lose the house. Therefore, it is in your best interests to keep in constant contact with your mortgage lender once you know you're going to have trouble meeting your mortgage payments.

If you have to leave your house, you can convert some the the contents to cash. The rule of thumb is that, when you leave, "The House must be Functional." A house is considered functional without expensive lighting fixtures, kitchen cabinets, some appliances and so forth. Call us for more information.

Selling a House

Selling a home of your own or of a relative? Not sure of what to do with the furniture and appliances? We can help. We are buyers of high-end furniture, fixtures and appliances, plus electronics such as home theater systems, televisions, and much more. Contact us for specifics.

Selling a Car, Truck, Boat or Aircraft

If you're having difficulty selling your car, truck, boat or plane, or just don't want the trouble, we can assist. Please call us with complete details on your vehicle and we can supply you with a quote, usually by the end of the day you call.

If You Have Any Questions, Please Contact Us Today. Thank you for looking!