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Royal Pawn & Jewelry Buys Anything of Value!

Just bring it your items, and in a few minutes you'll have your cash. You might be wondering: What things will we buy? The following list will help, yet should not by any means be considered complete. We are alway interested in new and unusual items with value.

Gold, Diamonds, Jewelry, Gold Coins, Fine Watches and More

We pay the highest rates on 10K, 14K, and 18K gold or platinum jewelry of any description, including diamond rings, gold rings, chains, necklaces, pendants, pins, broaches, bracelets, charms, earrings, broken pieces and gold coins. We buy fine watches such as Patek Philippe, IWC, Vacheron Constantin, Rolex, Cartier, Breitling, Omega, TAG Heuer, Movado, and other quality makes. Also jewelry from Tiffany & Co., Graff, Harry Winston, Buccellati, Chopard, Benham, Yurman and other recognized designers. We purchase fine art pieces including flat art oil paintings, watercolor painting, acrylics, serigraphs and art quality photographs, as well as bias relief and sculptures. Also certified collectible-quality memorabilia in the fields of sports, entertainment, politics, history and so forth.

We now wholesale Diamonds directly to you

Electronics, iPods, GPS, Blu-ray Players, Televisions, Game Consoles and Camera Equipment

We buy high-quality electronics such as LED, LCD and Plasma TVs, home theater receivers, stereo systems, home theater speakers, Blu-ray players, cell phones, iPhones, GPS units, and more. We accept newer desktop computers, laptop computers and notebook computers, both Apple Mac and PC. Also PDAs, iPods, Bose SoundDocks and computer peripherals, plus X-box game consoles, PlayStation 3 consoles, Wii consoles, X-box games, PS3 games, Wii games, and even older game systems. Also photography equipment, digital cameras, 35mm cameras, fixed focal length lenses, zoom lenses, camcorders and quality darkroom equipment.

Musical Instruments, Band Equipment, DJ Equipment

We purchase high-quality musical instruments: String instruments, especially acoustic guitar, electric guitar, acoustic-electric guitar, violin, viola, cello, bass, harp, sitar and more. Brass and woodwind instruments such as tuba, French horn, trumpet, trombone, flute, piccolo, recorder, clarinet, oboe, saxophone and bassoon. Percussion instruments as cymbals and drums. And of course keyboard instruments, including electronic pianos, synthesizers and workstations like Moog, Yamaha, Korg, Roland, Casio, Fatar, Oberheim, Technics, and others. Additionally we buy top-tier musician's equipment like Marshall amps and speaker boxes, Fender amps and boxes, and more, plus DJ equipment.

Luxury Goods, Handbags, Purses, Wallets, and More

Luxury goods in excellent condition, in particular purses, wallets, handbags and sunglasses from Burberry, Chanel, Coach, Dolce & Gabbana, Dooney & Bourke, Fendi, Gucci, Herm�s, Kate Spade, Louis Vuitton, Prada, Balenciaga, Marc Jacobs, Bottega Veneta and Ralph Lauren.

Firearms, Equestrian, Sporting Goods, Commercial Equipment, Cars, Trucks, Boats and Bicycles

We buy firearms including handguns, shotguns and rifles. Equestrian equipment in near new condition; saddles, bridles, reins, martingales, halters and so on, from top manufactures like Hermes, Butet, Bevel, Courbette, Jimmy's 21st Century and the like. And SCUBA equipment, regulators, BCs, tanks and consoles. We buy many types of commercial equipment; examples include paint sprayers, texture sprayers, industrial generators, air compressors, survey equipment, total stations, laser levels, Stihl chain saws, high-grade tools from Bosch, DeWalt and others. Also hand tools from Snap-On, Matco, and possibly other manufacturers. As a special service, we will purchase motorcycles, cars, trucks, RVs, trailers, boats and aircraft. We also buy bicycles, BMX and all top line road bikes and mountain bikes.

If You Have Any Questions, Please Contact Us Today. Thank you for looking!